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Wednesday, 01 July 2015
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Elks to Belfast for Euro Cup 2011
Written by Jörg Pareigis   
Sunday, 11 September 2011

Will you represent your country at the Euro Cup in Belfast? On October 8, the Euro Cup 2011 will be held in Belfast. The Elks will make an appearance after not having participated at the last two tournaments, hoping to replicate their 2007 success when they won the tournament. The 9-a-side cup is an official event of AFL Europe and it can be expected to be another great event organized this time by the Irish hosts.

With Adrian Knee from Solna as temporary replacement for head coach Daniel McClaer and AFL Sweden president Jörg Pareigis functioning as team manager, the support staff is well in place. They were able to gather a group of 15 keen players that want to represent their country.

Below you will find an overview of the squad that takes on the best teams in Europe.

Mats Wurmbach - Solna
Anton Tellström - Helsingborg
Jimmy Ljunggren - Karlstad
Johan Lantz - Helsingborg
Nicklas Jonsson - Bromma
Niklas Sääv - Karlstad
Jacob Lantz - Helsingborg
Joel Tjernlund - Solna
Robert Portström - Karlstad
Sean Donnelly - Solna
Natis Johansson - Södermalm
Peter Hammerström - Årsta
Antoine Coopoosamy - Bromma
Oliver Seiberlich - Gothenburg

For more information about the Euro Cup in Belfast check out AFL Europe's homepage and the first newsletter about the tournament.

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