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Kickoff for the Elks' 2010 and 2011 campaign PDF Utskrift
Skrivet av Jörg Pareigis   

National team tryouts in Jönköping The Swedish Elks kicked off their preparations for the European Championships 2010 and the International Cup 2011 with try outs in Jönköping on the weekend. Newly appointed headcoach and DAFL president Daniel McClaer could welcome 32 players for a two-day training camp. All players showed high dedication, even if the skills were still a bit rosty after the long winter break.

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National team news PDF Utskrift
Skrivet av Jörg Pareigis   

Great tasks ahead for the Swedish Elks

On March 27 and 28, the Swedish national team, the Swedish Elks, will hold a try out weekend in Jönköping.The try out will commence the preparations for the International Cup 2011 and the European Championships this summer.

The team of coaches, led by Daniel McClaer in the role as head coach, welcome all eligible players to Jönköping.

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Tipping competition PDF Utskrift
Skrivet av Jörg Pareigis   

tippingcomp.jpg The AFL season 2010 is approaching and AFL Sweden invites you to join our tipping competition. Show your mates that you know your footy and help AFL Sweden to develop the game in Sweden. For more information about the competition log in* if you have not done so and click here .

*If you do not have an account here yet, you can sign up now!

*Forgotten your password?

The executive board PDF Utskrift
Skrivet av Jörg Pareigis   

AFL Sweden is composed by all Australian Football clubs in Sweden and is represented by the executive board. The board consists of individuals from all three regions of AFL Sweden.

Appointed members and position

President – Jörg Pareigis
Secretary – Jacob Lantz
Treasurer – Johan Lantz
Board member – Daniel McClaer
Board member – Mattis Kvarnström

Suppleant – Pär Gustafsson
Suppleant – Måns Hammarstrand

Valberedning – Andreas Svensson

Other tasks

National Team Coach – Daniel McClaer
National Team Manager – Ryan Tucker and Jeremy Darke
Webmaster – Jörg Pareigis
Media Liason – vacant
Sponsorship – Albert Bergström, Erik Vig, Chris Hultgren


You can get in touch with us by either sending a personal message to either of the individuals above (click on their name) or send an e-mail to board(@)

Bank details of AFL Sweden:

Bankgiro 448-3293

Indoor tournament PDF Utskrift
Skrivet av Jörg Pareigis   

indooraction_01sm.jpg On February 6, AFL Sweden held its first ever indoor tournament in Jönköping. Five teams from across the country got together in great spirit for a round robbin event and showed some impressive skills. Current DAFL champion Port Malmö took home their first title in 2010 with a clean sheet.

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