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Elitserien Promotional Week - Port Malmö Maulers PDF Utskrift
Skrivet av Ryan Tucker   

Elitserien Promotional Week - Port Malmö Maulers As part of the lead up to the 2015 AFL Sweden Elitserien the four competing clubs will have a week dedicated to them on our various media channels.

We kick it all off with Port Malmö and you can already head to our Facebook page to check out the history of the club as well as an interview with coach Ryan Davidson.

#portmalmoafl #AFLElitserien

AFL Sweden announces the squad for inaugural Nordic Challenge PDF Utskrift
Skrivet av Jörg Pareigis   

AFL Sweden announces the squad for the inaugural Nordic Challenge 2015 On April 18, the inaugural Nordic Challenge will be held in Malmö. The Elks will host Denmark and Norway. The 9-a-side cup is an official event of AFL Europe and it can be expected to be a great showcase of Australian Football.

Head coach Daniel McClaer and Ryan Tucker as team manager were able to gather a group of 20 keen players that want to represent their country. AFL Sweden is proud to be able to field an amazing playing group that are skilful, athletic and determined for success and would like to congratulate all players to their selection to the team.

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AFL Sweden establishes national Elitserien PDF Utskrift
Skrivet av Jörg Pareigis   

AFL Sweden establishes national Eliteserien AFL Sweden announced today it will be running a national league to be named 'Elitserien' with start 25th April 2015.

With the focus this year being on development and raising awareness of the game across the country, the governing body of Australian Football in Sweden has laid plans for the most exciting development in the sport yet.

4 teams will compete in the 2015 competition; Helsingborg Saints, Port Malmö Maulers, Stockholm Dynamite and Södermalm Blues.

Each team will play eachother twice, once home and once away bringing elite footy to the major cities of Malmö, Helsingborg and Stockholm.

"It is a major step forward for footy in Sweden" remarked Ryan Tucker who heads the Men's Development Committee.

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Do you want to represent Sweden at the first Nordic Challenge? PDF Utskrift
Skrivet av Jörg Pareigis   

The Swedish Elks will compete in the inaugural Nordic Challenge iin Malmö, April 18 The AFL Europe Nordic Challenge is a 9 a-side tournament for both men's and women's national teams from across the Nordic region. The 2015 installment will be played on Saturday April 18th in Malmö.

Countries will compete in a one day triple header competition where each country will play each other once with the victor being crowned Nordic Champions.

Sweden will be entering a mens and womens team and are now looking for players to sign up to be a part of this great day.

Enter your details below and make yourself available for selection.

Please note that only eligible players may play for Sweden. Criteria as set out by the AFL and followed around the world states that an eligible player is one who has lived the predominant amount of years between the ages of 10-16 in that nation.

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Women's national team coach and manager wanted PDF Utskrift
Skrivet av Jörg Pareigis   

Women's footy is kicking off allaround Europe and most definitely in Sweden. AFL Sweden is therefore now looking for a passionate and enthusiastic leader to coach the national women's Australian Football team for 2015 as well as a team manager.

AFL Sweden is looking at increasing participation levels of Australian Football across all levels, this includes, but is not limited to, players, coaches, umpires and administrators.

The candidates should have a strong desire to grow women's football in Sweden, and a commitment to work with AFL Sweden and build relationships with stakeholders within Scandinavia and Europe.

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