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AFL Sweden Elitserien Round 1 PDF Utskrift E-post
Skrivet av Jörg Pareigis   

We have long waited for the day to come and now it has arrived. Today, history will be made for Australian Football in Sweden with the first game day of the newly established Eliteserien.

In round one, which will be played in Stockholm on the JCG, Södermalm will take on Malmö in the first game of the day, before the Stockholm Dynamite will battle it out against the Helsingborg Saints.

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Elitserien Promotional Week - Stockholm Dynamite PDF Utskrift E-post
Skrivet av Ryan Tucker   

With a new national series ‘Elitserien’ starting in 2015 the Stockholm Dynamite has received a breath of fresh air in the footy world.

Starting as the original team in the Stockholm District in 2004 and then quickly dividing into three local clubs (Södermalm, Solna, Bromma) the Dynamite flag fell into obscurity for a number of years.

The name was taken up again as the moniker for the Stockholm regional team that competed sporadically against a united Skåne outfit throughout the latter 00 years and early 10’s.

With Stockholm being able to field two teams in AFL Sweden's Eliteserien it was time for the Dynamite to rise again!

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Women's footy on the rise PDF Utskrift E-post
Skrivet av Jörg Pareigis   

Ravens step on the scene with new coach Ryan Davidson and Team Manager Wayne Schuck

Womens footy in Europe is on the rise and Sweden makes no exemption. On Saturday, the Swedish Ravens will take on Denmark and Norway in the inaugural Nordic Challenge, competing for the first time as Sweden's female national team.

In the course of this huge development, AFL Sweden is proud to officially announce the first coach as well as manager for the Swedish Ravens, Ryan Davidson and Wayne Schuck.

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Interview with Terry Lundqvist PDF Utskrift E-post
Skrivet av Ryan Tucker   

Name: Terry Lundqvist
Born: Unknown (but after the 1800's)
Position at the club: Treasurer

1. When did you become involved with the Helsingborg club? What was it that drew you to the Saints? Founded the club in 1993, because I missed my Footy (Richmond Tigers fan).

2. What makes the Helsingborg club so special? The Helsingborg Saints are still going strong after more than 20 years of 0 Premierships and usually near the bottom of the ladder. They stuck through where we seen more successful sides fold around us.

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Looking back at 2014 with the Helsingborg Saints PDF Utskrift E-post
Skrivet av Max Välemark   

Looking back at 2014 with Helsingborg Saints Vi hade en stark öppning på säsongen men som alltid åren då det är International Cup, hamnar mycket fokus på just detta och ligaresultatet blir inte riktigt som väntat, då vi vår klubb oftast levererar många spelare till IC.

Vi drabbades även av en hel del skador och tappade 2 värdefulla spelare under säsongen vilket gav oss en tung uppförsbacke men trots allt lyckades vi hamna på en 4e plats och fick spela slutspel. Mycket pågrund av en riktigt stark insats av laget som åkte till Aalborg för att spela sista bortamatchen i ligan och vann med 75-73.

I slutspelet gjorde vi tyvärr bort oss och fick lämna redan efter första matchen mot Farum på bortaplan.

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Södermalm 2015 PDF Utskrift E-post
Skrivet av Ryan Tucker   

Södermalm 2015 2015 will see the Södermalm Blues evolve into one of the biggest Australian football clubs in Europe. With a team competing in the local SAFF league as well as being a foundation team for the AFL Sweden Elitserien the Blues expect to have a playing roster of around 30 players. Add to this a flourishing junior team as well as a large social following and Södermalm could be mistaken for a club that has existed for 20 + years.

”One of the biggest challenges we had was to keep our members satisfied football wise” explained newly elected president Joel Burnell
”With the creation of the Elitserien more players will see more game time and the option is there for social or competitve footy” continued Burnell.

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